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ordering information

contact usWhen we create new items, they are added to our sailing jewelry gallery. Browse our sailing jewelry gallery for new jewelry for sale, and when you find that special piece that you can not live without, click on the thumbnail to take you to the details page. On the details page, you can add the item to your shopping cart and place your order.

We use paypal to accept payments, but you no longer need to be a paypal member to place an order or make you payment. You can make a payment by check or credit card or with your paypal balance if you are a paypal member.

To proceed to the check-out in the shopping cart, click the Niew Cart link in the top corner of any page. From there, follow the instructions to proceed to the check out.

All of our jewelry is a one of a kind piece and can not be duplicated. We can sell it only once, and once it is sold, we can not make another exactly the same. If the item you would like to purchase is already sold, it will say "Sold" in the price, unless it has been sold so recently that we have not yet received the order. If this is the case, you may be taken to a page explaining that the item is out of stock. It simply means that it has already sold but we have not yet received the order.