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Blue : sea glass earrings
sailing jewelry

Material: Sea Glass
Color: cobalt blue
Glass Size: about 1 cm
Earring Length : about 5 cm
found: Exumas, Bahamas

All told, we were in the Bahamas for about 8 months and found 7 pieces of cobalt blue glass. These two little pieces were the best of the bunch, not just in their texture and wear, but also that they were such a remarkably good match. I have an arrangement with my girls that they get ice cream whenever we find blue sea glass, so you can imagine how popular these were! Unfortunately, the lack of blue glass meant that they only had ice cream 7 times in the past 8 months...

These earrings are made from a beautiful pair of well-matched sea glass pieces of the same cobalt blue color. We found these amazingly smooth sea glass pieces in the Bahamas in 2010 while we were cruising through the Exuma chain of islands. It is always exciting when we find two pieces of sea glass that are a match in size, shape, and color! I paired them with crystal clear swarovski crystals to bring out the blue and hung them from hand made sterling silver ear wires.

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No animals or habitats were harmed while collecting these items or creating this jewelry. We take the utmost precaution to preserve the areas we visit and leave nothing but footprints. We visit remote areas, typically uninhabited by humans, and gently gather found materials to make our jewelry materials.

Our sailing family has found these items and created this original piece of jewelry while on our travels aboard our 42 foot ketch sailboat. For more about our journey, please visit our web site at .