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Urchin : sea urchin pendant
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Material: Sea Urchin
Color: white
Size: about 2 cm x 1.5 cm x 1 cm
found: Bahamas

We have found a bunch of fragile sea urchins and experimented with transporting the eggshell-like shells back from the beach and trying to extend their durability to include being handled. I finally worked out a combination of sealing the exterior and interior and filling the entire crevice with resin that works very well and allows the exterior to remain intact and natural. The result is a sturdy little pendant that has a natural finish and still feels and looks like its natural eggshell-style self. It takes me about a week to make one of these, and if I start with 10 urchins leaving the beach, I end up with about 3 urchin pendants which actually work out through all the steps involved.

This one has a sapphire blue swarovski crystal in the center.

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No animals or habitats were harmed while collecting these items or creating this jewelry. We take the utmost precaution to preserve the areas we visit and leave nothing but footprints. We visit remote areas, typically uninhabited by humans, and gently gather found materials to make our jewelry materials.

Our sailing family has found these items and created this original piece of jewelry while on our travels aboard our 42 foot ketch sailboat. For more about our journey, please visit our web site at .